How MULTIMIN™ helps in moments that matter


Real results for your farmers


Reduce incidence of mastitis

In one study 1,416 dairy cows receiving above the recommended levels of trace minerals in their feed and treated with MULTIMIN™ at dry-off, 30 days pre calving and 35 days in milk showed improved milk quality and udder health and reduced mastitis compared to control cows from the same herds.

With each case of mastitis costing around € 300,-/cow/year, reducing cases has a significant impact on profitability.


Improve fertility goals

A study of beef cattle treated with MULTIMIN™ at pregnancy diagnosis time and 30 days pre-breeding showed an improved calving distribution in the herd. Cows also had an increased body condition score (BCS), and improved pregnancy rate

  • Greater BCS increase between calving and AI (P = 0.04)
  • Conception to fixed-time AI was greater (P = 0.05) TM 60.2% VS Controls 51.2%
  • Overall pregnancy rate TM 93% VS 89.8% (P=0.24)



Increase response to vaccinations

Trace minerals are required to mount a response to vaccinations, and a vaccination will deplete the trace mineral supplies. Using MULTIMIN™ at the time of vaccination has been shown to increase the response to vaccination.

Compared to control cattle, animals treated with MULTIMIN™ at the time of vaccination had significantly greater neutralizing antibody titres against BHV-1 on d 14, 30, and 60 post vaccination.


Implement MULTIMIN™ to:

  • Reduce incidence of disease

  • Improve welfare

  • Improve fertility

  • Improve productivity

  • Improve profits


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