Improve herd health, reproduction and farm success with the 4 in 1 trace mineral injectable

Make sure the moments that
matter are secure!

Hard working, conscientious farmers deserve products to rely on in the moments that matter on their farm. Relieve your stress, we have a solution that secures:

hard work


Your herd health


Your farm success

At critical periods all your hard work will be jeopardized by the sharp increase in trace mineral demand beyond what oral supplementation can supply


Clinical & subclinical trace mineral deficiencies lead to oxidative stress disrupting animal fertility, natural immunity and herd performance


Act rapidly and stay in control to protect your personal investment in the financial success of your farm

4 in 1 trace mineral injectable

Would you like a smooth and stable herd, less stress and improved cattle performance?

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We can help you
reach your goals

  • Keeping your herd healthy and reducing incidence of disease
  • Hitting fertility targets
  • Maintaining respect from your peers
  • Generating healthy profits